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Rush Of Fools

Rush Of Fools

Rush Of Fools can be booked through this site. Rush Of Fools entertainment booking site. Rush Of Fools is available for public concerts and events. Rush Of Fools can be booked for private events and Rush Of Fools can be booked for corporate events and meetings through this Rush Of Fools booking page.

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Rush Of Fools Biography

Were all aware of the opposite side of the equation, but what are you supposed to do when at first you do succeed? How should you react when the things youve been working for, individually and collectively, your entire young lives start to take shape? And more important still, how do you get back to that place of openness that jumpstarted that success when almost everything about your existence has changed?

Simple. You stop, sit down and reflect on the Wonder Of The World.

Two years can seem like a lifetime, or it can seem like it has passed in the blink of an eye.

Its funny to think about the course of events that have taken place, says Kevin Huguley, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for breakthrough Midas Records band Rush of Fools. And all that time, Gods still kept us on that path we feel Hes called us to be on. It feels like the fast-forward buttons been pressed on our lives this whole time.

Given the opportunity, Huguley will rattle off the personal accomplishments of his band mates lead vocalist/songwriter Wes Willis, guitarist J.D. Frazier, bassist Jacob Chesnut and drummer Jamie Sharpe right alongside the professional ones his Alabama-based band has gone through.

Because its that intertwining of the internal and the external that made Rush of Fools self-titled debut (and monster hit Undo, ASCAPs most-played Christian song of 2007) so approachable and embraceable by a now-legion of fans.

That fusion carries over into the bands second full-length release, Wonder Of The World, a record crafted simultaneously on the run and yet with purpose and progress in mind.

I think that compared to the last record, we actually had time to breathe, Willis says. We played hundreds of shows and wrote and sat and played together and worshipped together. All those things fed into this album, and I think we were able to write songs the same way we did last time and yet we found a new voice, a growth in ourselves and in our collaborations with our producers. Were still a worship band, and we still love writing those kinds of songs.

I think this time we were able to be more hands-on in the musical process, and the producers asked What do you want to do? rather than last time when we were all saying Help us, he continues. This time, we were more able to say exactly what we wanted musically.

The expansion of Rush of Fools musical vocabulary is evident throughout Wonder Of The World, with the pogo-ready rocker Lose It All lining up right alongside the hypnotic Escape, contrasting with the lullaby feel of Tonight and the piano ballad The Only Thing thats Beautiful in Me.

The core elevating factor of the bands presence, much like on their debut record, is the commitment to lyrical innovation that showcases that willingness to strip the artifice of success away and focus their eyes (and through the music, the listeners ears) on the one, true wonder of the world.

As weve been playing the title song already, well usually stop in the middle of it and talk about the lines Father, how can it be that you are Father to me? as well as all the other things mentioned: Savior, Healer, one who shows favor on me, Willis says. I think back to all that time on the road and all the things that have happened over the past year, and Im still amazed by those facts, that He is Father and Savior and Healer. Hes been so faithful to us, and at the very least, we should be that back to Him.

Huguley concurs with his band mate and co-writer. We should be asking those questions in the song, because we dont deserve those things Hes given us, but thats what makes it so wonderful.

I think God has allowed our situation and our story and our journey to take place, and its uncovered these truths for us, Huguley continues. Hes saying Im going to continue using you five guys from Alabama, who are not worthy of my grace, because youre starting to get the picture that grace is what its all about.

At the same time, being young men constantly on the road, playing to growing crowds that respond by singing songs back to the band during shows, can have a negative impact as well. When we started playing on the road more, I realized there were times when Ive been not a great husband or a great friend, guitarist Frazier says. Then I thought, Was I ever a great husband or friend or son? I always thought I had it straight and I had the answers. Now I have to question all those things, and it stinks that I have to go through those things. But at the same time, Im really thankful because I got knocked down and now I can get back up and work on those things.

This has been a dramatic lifestyle change, Willis admits. Being sucked out of your homes and stuck out on the road playing all over. But when youre in the same little van, driving around with the same guys, you get to grow together. You have to stick to those things God is calling you to do. Were a worship band; lets continue to write worship songs.

It should impact you, and in a way that should cause you to seek the Lord more, Willis continues. I think it has, for us, whether its been good times or bad. I think He blesses those moments when you do.

The reciprocal result has fostered a set of worship songs on Wonder Of The World, such as Holy One, Freedom Begins Here, and You Are Glory. Each are shaped differently from a musical perspective, but keep that aforementioned focus on the force carrying the band and the listeners through lifes difficult circumstances.

We always put our hearts and souls into the lyrics, because if were going to be writing songs about God, they better be true, they better be good, and they better be honest, Huguley says. Its that creativity in our lyrics and now our music as well that shows where our progress has been. We strived hard to not shy away from the tough lyrics about our own sins and struggles. But now weve created this new version of our own band because theres a new musicality to it.

It doesnt matter what aspect of life youre working on, you always have to learn how to recreate something, Willis says. You always have to learn how to grow and change, and from a musical aspect, thats definitely what weve done with this album. There was a lot of growth, I think, but not to far away from worship, because thats who we are.

Which further answers the differently asked question above, the one about what you do when if at first you do succeed. You try again, and when youre trying to point out to others the glory of the true wonder of the world, its all quite simple

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